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Here are two video clips from a San Diego BMW CCA Auto-x at Qualcomm Stadium (Nov. 2002).

GSP M3 Videos I had just removed the ABS system from the car and was still tuning the brake balance. Race pads on the front with old street pads in the rear was not working even with full pressure to the rear brakes. Front lock-up was a problem all day. I had also just installed a Euro dogleg gearbox and was coming to grips with the shift pattern. Nonetheless, I managed first in class (MM) and 3rd fastest time of day. No TTD this time - I was about 1 sec. short.

These videos were taken by my friend Randy Walters. They will take a while to download so please be patient. If all you have is a dial-up connection you may want to reconsider viewing these files.

Sorry - these videos were getting over 2000 visitors per week and have been temporarily removed to avoid heavy bandwidth charges...