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2002 E46 M3 w/ SMG II The latest addition to the GSP Stable. A 2002 E46 M3 w/ SMG II. Although the newest M3 is quite a bit heavier than the E30 M3, I feel it recaptures the spirit of the original. The engine has that same high RPM magic (albeit without the vibration). And while the SMG shifting takes a while to learn to use properly, once you do get the hang of it, it is amazing!
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My E30 M3 has become modified to the point where it is no longer fun to drive in LA traffic. Hence it spends most of its time warm and dry in the garage waiting for its call to track duty or auto crossing. The daily driver is a 325i Touring. The touring is a real stripper in order to keep weight down and performance up. No sunroof, 5-speed, manual seats, sport package. We picked it up in Germany (Euro delivery) which is an experience I highly recommend to any prospective BMW buyer. I really love the design of the E46 wagon - I think BMW just nailed it. And the look on SUV driver's faces when I pass them on 70 mph freeway transitions is priceless 8^)