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BMW Motorsport E36 Roll Cage Highlights

These photos are provided by Mike Krnc. Details of the car are as follows:

The car was purchased in Germany in '94 or '95. It was built (BMW Motorsports Factory) for Grp. N. for Dieder Quester & sponsored by REDBULL.

Some of the mods are:
+ AP Brakes F&R (done by PTG).
+ New engine, CF intake (Motorsport) & EFI engine management (added by PTG).
+ JRZ F&R (Grp. N Bilsteins removed) (done by PTG).
+ Hewland 6 sp. tranny (done by PTG).
+ Carbon fenders, hood, trunk, bumpers & doors added by TECMARK Motorsports.

The car was raced in the US in Speedvision World Challenge GT class (full season until '00, partial after that).

Note that both the horizontal bar across the center of the main hoop, as well as the main hoop diagonal, were probably added once the car was in the States (these are not commonly used features in European cages). Also observe the way in which the rear part of the roll cage extends right back to the top of the C-pillars. This is presumably done in order to be able to better pick up the loads from the rear shock towers. Here are some photos of this BMW Motorsport E36 chassis:

Front down-bar gusset
Passenger side X-Bar
"X" across rear window
Inside rear near roof
Cockpit area
Inside rear near floor
Right front strut tower #1
Left front strut tower #1
Right front strut tower #2
Right front strut tower #3
Strut tower reinforcement
Rear portion of cage
Rear of cage near roof #2
Upper windshield gusset

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