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BMW Mobile Tradition Parts-CD

Front cover of the BMW Mobile Tradition Parts-CD BMW has a division called "Mobile Tradition". The charter of this division is to help BMW owners keep older model BMW cars on the road and functioning properly. BMW corporate thinking is that it's good for BMW's image if their older cars can still be seen driving around. As part of this Mobile Tradition effort BMW has seen fit to release a Parts-CD to help owners of older BMWs locate part numbers for their cars. This presumably saves the dealer parts counter people some work as well.

If you are an E30 M3 owner then you're in luck because BMW has thoughtfully included the E30 M3 on this Parts-CD. It is one of the newest cars that you will find on the CD, cars built after 1990 are not covered.

It is my personal opinion that if you own an E30 M3, then you should own a Parts-CD. Your car cost you at least $10,000 right? The Parts-CD costs about $40. And you will never again have to send a note to the internet asking for part numbers - you will have at your fingertips every p/n ever made for an E30 M3 (except for esoteric Gp A stuff). Seems like an easy decision to me.

What exactly does your $40 buy you? You get the very same information that the BMW parts counter person has. The screen is identical, except that prices are not shown. After you own the Parts-CD 'you' will be telling the parts person where to find a particular p/n on his computer! That's a great feeling 8^)

Just to whet your appetite, click on the link below for a screen capture from my own Parts-CD. It shows everybody's favorite p/n subject - the timing chain:

Click here to see a screen capture from the Mobile Tradition Parts-CD.

Part number for the BMW Mobile Tradition Parts-CD

So where do you buy a Mobile Tradition Parts-CD? Well, from your BMW dealer of course. And just in case your parts counter person looks at you with a blank stare when you ask for it (that never happens right?), here is the part number for the CD. Just give him that.

Please note: E30 M3 owner Anthoney Casler points out that the BMW part number for the Mobile Tradition Parts-CD has been superseded to 72 00 0 018 258 . The disk reportedly now covers all BMW models built prior to 1990.

Click here for a useful tip on using the Parts-CD.

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